Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cupcake Fail

Have you ever seen Fail Blog? See Exhibit A below.

I made some cupcakes for my nephew's first birthday party. Per the request of my sister, she wanted funfetti cupcakes with green and blue frosting. I decided to make a special big cupcake for my nephew. I had forgotten that the big cupcake wrappers I currently have are quitters. After piling on a ton of frosting and making a 20 minute drive over to the party, the cupcake was a blob. A tasty blob, but still a blob.

Diego (my nephew) didn't care. He shoved his little hand into the cupcake to show his appreciation.

Happy Birthday Diego!


Lisa Smiley said...

Thanks for sharing your blunders, too! I posted a really good one on my blog this week. They can be really tasty!!

Oh, I was in Starbucks yesterday and they said the cupcakes are "seasonal". The vanilla one is now gone and then they will phase out the red velvet, then the chocolate. So get them while you can.

OH again, I need the sprinkles you used on the cupcake! I have been looking for those. Can you tell me where you picked them up? Thanks!!

Cupcake Activist said...

The sprinkles actually are from a jar of fudge frosting. I just used the sprinkles and not the frosting. I'm not sure of the brand, but it's something from a local grocery store.

Lisa Smiley said...

hey!! did you see these on CCTTC?? You and I were published on the same day last week. Too fun! Congrats on posting a "mishap" and getting recognized for it in a good way!!

I was in So Cal this wkd and went to ABC baking supply in Tustin! Very fun place with some great stuff. Spent too much...
Didn't make it to any cupcake shops cuz it was a whirlwind trip, but did go to Disney and actually thought I saw you at DCA. I'm sure it wasn't you, but she looked very similar. Small world.


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