Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pacific Whey Cafe Discounts

During my 12 Days of Cupcakes, I featured Pacific Whey Cafe on the 9th day before Christmas. I tried their Chocolate Chocolate Buttercream cupcake. It was one of the richest cupcakes I have ever tasted!

Today the Fast Food Maven posted that Pacific Whey Cafe is discounting their baked goods 50% after 3:00pm every day. Not only are they discounting their bakery items, but they are also doubling their production of these items. During this "recession," most businesses seem to be cutting back, but Pacific Whey Cafe wants to stay away from the "self-fulfilling prophecy" of "cutting back," and they have seen success because of it. There is an increase of foot-traffic in their restaurants and they sell out of most of their baked goods.

Cupcakes are always a fun food to buy, but discounted cupcakes are even better. I will be stopping by soon to try some of their other flavors of cupcakes, along with their other baked goods.



Anonymous said...

on a totally different note, my hubby and i finally got to try the cupcakes at The Perfect Circle. We grabbed a lemon, Red Velvet and the snickerdoodle. I must say the Red Velvet was amazing...the lemon cake itself was good, but the frosting didn't mesh with it that well...and the snickerdoodle...wow. that was quite tasty! much like a big gigantic snickerdoodle cookie! i can't wait to go back...and so happy that there's a decent cupcakery by my house now and i don't have to trek all the way to Newport Beach as much! =)

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