Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cupcake Trends

I'm back! After spending a week in the beautiful Caribbean I am back to work. Two interesting things happened in the cupcake world that I wanted to take a moment to contemplate.

First, I put a lot of effort into searching for cupcake stores in the Caribbean. I googled, looked for reviews, and asked around. I was hoping to get the inside scoop on reviewing Caribbean cupcakes. Sadly, I did not find any. I did find one website that advertised that they made cupcakes, but they had to be ordered in advance in large quantities and be picked up at someone's house. I was very disappointed, but it started me thinking...are cupcakes only a craze in large metropolitan areas?

Second, I found news that Dolcissimo, a cupcake store in Costa Mesa has closed shop. I reviewed their store over two months ago and was not super impressed with it. Their cupcakes were decent, but I didn't like the frosting. The biggest downer was that they didn't have very many flavors available when I was in their store. Sad to say, but I am not surprised to see them close shop. Some have speculated that there might be too many cupcake stores in the area, which may have caused the close. I think that "survival of the fittest" was going to be imposed sooner or later. Dolcissimo's cupcakes were nearly the same price as Sprinkles, but not the same quality. Of course I am sad to see a cupcake store go, but hopefully that means that only the good ones are left.

I would like to see more cupcake stores in north Orange County. Supposedly, there is a cupcake store opening in the Orange Circle, but I still haven't seen much activity there yet. I am still keeping my fingers crossed!


Noodlegirl said...

Agreed with you there. Dolcissimo was really spotty and in hindsight, I only liked two of their cupcakes and that's on their good days! ;)

... Kat (Gluttonista)

Kage said...

I thought of you today when I saw a Gold Medal Olympic cupcake at CRUMBS in NYC. It was white frosting, red, white an blue sprinkles with a gold coin int he center on top....I should have snapped a photo for you...

ahmed said...

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