Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cupcake Bites

My first cupcake experiment! I saw this recipe for Cupcake Bites on a blog that I recently found. The recipe said it was very easy and they looked so yummy. I decided to give it a try and if successful I would serve at our housewarming party. I had to buy quite a few things that I didn't have--candy mold, candy melts, and cream cheese frosting (didn't know you could buy that in a can). I was so excited to give it a try!
After baking a cake, crumbling it, mixing it with frosting, and rolling into balls, I was ready to start the fun part.
I had to melt chocolate chips (microwave on low power or defrost, mixing every 30 seconds), put the cake balls in melted chocolate in candy molds, freeze them, melt candy melts, then dip cake balls in melted candy, then cover with sprinkles.
They turned out so pretty! I bought three different colors of candy melts but only ended up using two colors.
Result? Success! I have never tasted anything like them before!
My housewarming party guests couldn't keep their hands off of them, unless to pop one in their mouths. I noticed that the boys would eat in one bite, while the girls savored theirs in two or three bites.Special thanks to my friend Jill for helping me make them. They took a lot longer to make than I expected, but were well worth it. I will definitely make them again when the right occasion comes up!


JD and Adrienne said...

yum. I saw those on a blog too. they look so tasty but so complicated to make. btw, i'm still interested in buying your bike. maybe i'll have my mom or sarah check it out for me cuz they live down there.

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