Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Great Cupcake Swindle

My first cupcake story. Unfortunately, this is not a story that I am a part of, although I have shared some similar experiences, which include: 1) waiting in a long line in front of Sprinkles before closing time, wondering if my favorite cupcake will be available, 2) riding my bike to a cupcake store, which goes along with eating smooshed cupcakes that I tried to carry home in bag tied around my bike, 3) reminding my husband of a cupcake mission. Thanks to Dave for the story.

The Great Cupcake Swindle

May 4, 2008

It was said that the Sprinkles cupcake shop would have a limited edition Choco Loco Cupcake in honor of Cinco de Mayo. My wife being of Latin decent and a lover of cupcakes was hell bent on getting one of these cupcakes. Any excuse to get a cupcake is a good excuse. We found ourselves with out-of-town friends (one being a huge cupcake enthusiast) down on the Balboa peninsula on Sunday afternoon. I had totally forgotten about the cupcake mission. I of course was enjoying a lovely day of bikes and "fun sodas" (pre-partying for the said Cinco de Mayo celebration). Anyway, all of a sudden Tanya brought it to our attention, her need for cupcakes. Once we called and verified that Sprinkles was only open until 6 pm, we made the decision to go for it! We boarded the Balboa Ferry at 5:20 pm.

Tracy and Nicole (out-of-town friends / cupcake lover)

Tanya (of course she is smiling, we are in route for cupcakes!)

Alright, for those of you who know our route, there is a sweet hill climb up Jamboree in front of us. I guess we are going to earn these cupcakes as they say, since we are all on beach cruisers.

We make it up the hill and down PCH to Sprinkles with 10 minutes to spare! To find a huge line out the door! Now the question is, “Will they still have the Choco Loco Cupcakes?”

We send Tall Todd in for a closer look to ensure that said cupcakes will be available.

As we make our way into Sprinkles, I notice that there is only one coconut chocolate cupcake left (my favorite). We finally get the opportunity to place our order which happens simultaneously with another patron. Wouldn’t you know it, she takes my coconut cupcake and I’m forced to make another selection! Damn. Anyway, we get the choco loco cupcakes and a few others to round out a nice little six pack of dreams and decide to ride home and bbq. Those cupcakes are going to be delicious for dessert!

Tracy, our out-of-town friend has the only bike equipped with a basket. He is now faced with the challenge of making it to our house with the precious cargo. We hit a few bumps and hills on the way but nothing too major. All in all a smooth ride home. Once we find ourselves in the safety of our own home, Nicole (so anxious for her first Sprinkles cupcake) has to take a peek at the little treats. This is what she finds…

Dango! They all flipped upside down!

However, for those of you in the know, you will notice that the Sprinkles staff slipped in the last coconut chocolate cupcake in our box! Ha ha Success!! Nicole and Tanya did an excellent job removing the cupcakes from the box to the plates and we all got to enjoy our own cupcakes. Smooth.


Skyler said...

It sounds like Dave is closet cupcake fan, living his cupcake dreams through his wife, Tanya.

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Lisa May said...
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