Friday, April 25, 2014

Fresh and Easy Really is Fresh and Easy

Fresh and Easy has been my grocery store since they first opened seven years ago. I love them because they are small, fresh, and well...easy. I have a small family so I don't need to go to a big-box store. And when I'm in a regular grocery store, I end up buying a whole bunch of stuff I don't need. Fresh & Easy  = healthy convenience.

Last week I was invited to tour my local Fresh & Easy store to learn about what's new there.

The newest exciting addition to the Fresh & Easy family is Wild Oats, an organic brand of food. I love that Wild Oats is now available there because I don't have to go to a separate store to get organic food if I need it.

Fresh & Easy is differentiating itself by offering Wild Oats, making F&E the only grocery store that offers grab-n-go organic sandwiches and salads. These grab-n-go items are available in the front of the store for easy access.

F&E is offering all kinds of organic food options, including Wild Oats milk. I grabbed a box of Wild Oats eggs to try at home. It was my first time buying brown eggs. And the interesting part is that they have the laid-on date printed on each egg. Those are fresh eggs!

Since I'm not gluten-free, I had never noticed the huge selection of gluten-free foods available at F&E. Check this out....two whole sections!

A few days following the big earthquake earlier this month, I noticed an Earthquake foods section at F&E. Coincidentally, April is Earthquake Preparedness Month. I love that F&E has made it easy for me to pack a quick bag of earthquake-ready food.

Last, but certainly not least, F&E now offers single-serve cupcakes and cheesecakes. They had 3 or 4 types of cupcakes and they are available for $2.49 each. Perfect way to scratch a quick cupcake itch.

I don't need to be sold on Fresh & Easy because it is already my favorite grocery store. But I loved learning about all of the new items available. Thanks for a fun time!


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