Friday, October 25, 2013

OC Register's Best of OC 2013

I have a love-hate relationship with the Best of OC survey from the Orange County Register. This yearly survey supposedly tells what the Best (blank) in Orange County is. Sadly, it's more of a popularity contest. Here's what I mean, Best Chinese Food: PF Chang's. 2nd place for Best Sandwish: Subway. The people of Orange County just don't venture out much. But I feel obligated to report on the cupcake shops that Orange County voted the best in 2013. So here they are!

First Place: Sprinkles Cupcakes
It's hard to compete with such a large, well-known brand. But it's even harder to compete with Sprinkles when they are so good. Along with their great tasting cupcakes, Sprinkles gives you the experience of a gourmet cupcake. They makes their cupcakes feel special and well worth the price tag of $3.25. One thing I really like about Sprinkles is, along with the dozen or so flavors they offer daily, they sell different holiday and season-themed cupcakes throughout the year. I'm looking forward to eating a Pumpkin Cupcake available October 31-November 30.

Second Place: Casey's Cupcakes
I recently reviewed Casey's Cupcakes for the first time. Although I only tried one flavor, it was superb. The whole experience was pretty cool, from the sweet shop to the packaging. I can't wait to go back and try more of their flavors. I have heard they are hit and miss with flavors, but I'm willing to take a chance.

Third Place: SusieCakes
I've proclaimed SusieCakes as one of my favorite cupcake shops. They offer very simple, very delicious cupcakes. My favorite part about their cupcakes is the dollop of frosting hidden in the middle of the cupcake. Yum! Their cupcakes sell for $3.00 each. SusieCakes doesn't just sell cupcakes though, they have many other delicious desserts too. I love their chocolate chip cookies and have been eyeing all of their cakes for a while. You won't be disappointed!

Critic's Choice: Frostings
I reviewed Frostings when they first opened in 2009. Since then, the owners have parted ways and what's left is Frostings and The Cupcake Store. I haven't been back to Frostings since my first review, but I have tried a few of their cupcakes at various cupcake contests. They are a little off-putting to me because of the gigantic amount of frosting they have piled on top of their cupcakes. It's just so overwhelming and sweet. Maybe they are due a re-visit since a lot has changed in the past four years.


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