Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Running for Sweets

It's no secret that I love cupcakes and all sweet things. But did you know I'm also a hard-core triathlete? Yeah, exact opposites, but it balances me out. My motto is: I burn calories to eat them.

Last weekend I ran the Long Beach marathon with my BRFs (Best Running Friends) and BFFs. We take running seriously, but we like to have fun more. So of course we dressed up as our favorite superheroes. 

Superwoman (Kelly), Batgirl (me), and Wonder Woman (Carrie) flew through the marathon course. We got lots of compliments and had a great time being goofy and chatting the whole way. Two of us ran our way to our best times (3:58:39)!

It was a teenage dream of mine to be Batgirl. I love how my black Team Sparkle skirt, a mask, an iron-on logo, and custom-made cape made that possible.

Of course the best part of the race was seeing my husband and baby boy cheering me on at miles 17 and 20. I got a little teary-eyed as I thought how much they love and support me. 

It's a tradition of our to head to Ruby's about a big race for indulging in good food. The cookies 'n cream shake was perfect. Running the marathon was so worth it!


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