Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cupcake Wars: Billionaire Boyfriend

Major celebrity on last week's episode of Cupcake Wars. Kate Walsh was the guest judge, promoting her new fragrance: Billionaire Boyfriend. One thing worth noting about this episode was the use of lavender in some of the cupcakes. I have eaten many cupcakes with lavender in them and they always taste like soap. I was surprised when Florian enjoyed that lavender honey cupcake. Maybe some good ones do exist.

Sweet Little Things & Company (Ozark, MO)

Lila & Sage (Murphys, CA)

Darla's Cake Design (Chino Hills, CA)

The Art of Cake (Oradell, NJ)


Anonymous said...

One of the other Crusaders made a lavender cupcake with lemon curd filling and a honey frosting a little while ago and while the cake was dry (it was her first time baking from scratch) the flavors were actually really good! Two of our friends who tried it had a lavender cupcake previously that did taste like soap, but they seemed to enjoy hers. Maybe it's one of those ingredients that you have to use sparingly or combine with other flavors that will balance it out?

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