Monday, July 16, 2012

Oh How I Love Elizabethan Desserts

It's no secret that Elizabethan Desserts is my favorite cupcake shop. I shout their praises whenever I get the chance. Recently my girlfriends and I took a daytrip down to San Diego. I couldn't drive past Encinitas without stopping by my favorite place. This was their first time and I promised them they would soon love Elizabethan Desserts too.

A cupcake parking spot just for me.

Follow the rules or no cupcakes for you!

I came home with an assortment of flavors. By the time my husband and I devoured them, I realized that I didn't get enough! Flavors chosen: Chocolate Toffee (my new favorite!), Churro, Monkey Business, Cot-n-Kandy, Grasshopper, Beeze-Kneeze. 

My friend picked the Mustachio cupcake for her hubby. I couldn't resist posting the photo.

There was no way I was leaving without my beloved sugar cookie. I've never tasted a sugar cookie as delicious as this. I have seriously had dreams about this's that good.


FitnessFatale said...

Have you tried the lemon bar? It's TO DIE FOR. I love Elizabethan so much!!!!

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