Tuesday, March 6, 2012

LA Cupcake Challenge 2012: The Competitors Part 4

Here's the last of the competitors at this year's LA Cupcake Challenge:

Sherman Oaks, CA

Caramel Delight (not judged)

Pancakes N Bacon (not judged)

Los Angeles, CA (catering)

Sweet Orange w/Mexican Hot Chocolate (not judged)

Casanovas' Kiss (not judged)

Pretty display, but I'd rather taste than look

Inglewood, CA

Apple Cobbler (not judged)

Banana Pudding: Yum! I'm a huge banana pudding fan and this cupcake tasted just like the real thing.

Los Angeles, CA (catering)

Banana Split (not judged)

Three Little Pigs: This honey butter frosting tasted like Crisco. It was the only cupcake I spit out.

Pasadena, CA

Evil Twin: This cupcake is one that they made on Cupcake Wars. It's a jalapeno-carrot cake with sharp cheddar frosting. Very different and so good! Surprisingly one of my favorite cupcakes of the day!

Chocolate Bourbon: Bourbon filling was a little strong for me (a non-alcohol drinker), but the chocolate cake was very moist.

I must get out to their store soon to try more flavors!!


the Grows said...

Frosting that tastes like Crisco?? Could there be anything worse?? I'm sure there could... But that's just wrong. I'd spit it out too. Regardless of Crisco frosting, this looks like such a fun event!

Muma Belle said...

I have to agree with the verdict on the Wonderland's Evil Twin and the Sweet Red Peach's Banana Pudding (it was insanely good, since I'm also a huge banana fan =) But that is where the Banana Split one definitely stood out in that arena. I think I even tasted alcohol in one of the sauces =D. As for the Three Little Pigs, the flavor was great, but it was a little dense for my taste (but then again, it is a cornbread so whatever). I have to disagree with the verdict on the frosting though, which I can tell was butter and DEFINITELY not Crisco (dead giveaway is flavor and Crisco always leaves a film on your mouth and that wasn't the case here), yet it could have been a bit sweeter. While all the displays were outstanding, I think My Delight's, The Cake Countess's and Polkatots were my favorites. Definitely a fun event, and I can't wait to buy tickets for next year! =D

Anonymous said...

Ok, I have to get this out of the way. FIRST OF ALL, being on Cupcake Wars DOES NOT make your cupcakes delicious winners anymore than writing blogs makes you a professional food critic. SECONDLY, after having attended the 2012 cupcake challenge and poking around the reviews here, I must say that for being a so-called "cupcake activist", these reviews seem pretty vacant, giving the readers virtually no real insight. I get it, everyone is entitled to their opinion and taste, but simply bashing a company's product with no thorough explanation or real basis is just downright silly. Giving a critique on food involves a lot more than just stating "I'm not an orange type operson. NEXT!". What’s more, it seems as though you barely judged any at all. Sure, some of the cupcakes you did try were probably crap, but remember that these are hard working people who put large amounts of their time and money into giving HUNDREDS of FREE cupcakes out for the public to try. As I recall, many of the bakeries ran out of cupcakes before many people could get to sample them, so it’s sad that people get the info from such short sighted reviews like the ones on this site. I can only hope that some of the bakeries see these reviews and give you THEIR opinion.

Unknown said...

David- Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts about the LA Cupcake Challenge. I hope you had a great time at the event. I love this event, as it is a great place for bakers to showcase their cupcakes to the public. I wish I had the time to thoroughly write reviews for each cupcake I taste, instead I highlight each baker with basic info about them. Eventually I try to visit each shop for a real, thorough review. Thanks for the feedback!


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