Friday, March 2, 2012

ABC's Shark Tank Featuring Cupcake Display Company

Have you seen the show Shark Tank? It's a show on ABC where people pitch ideas to a group of "sharks" who could potentially fund their idea. I've actually never watched the show, but it sounds like a great idea.

Blogger Ice Cream Before Dinner, also part of The Smart Baker, will be a contestant on Shark Tank. The Smart Baker is a company that sells kitchen and baking items. They make a measurement conversion apron that was featured in Food Magazine. Recently, they made and patented a cupcake tower display.

The episode will be airing tonight on ABC. The Smart Baker will be pitching their baking supply company. Check it out.


Amanda said...

I love Shark Tank, it's a great reasource for entrepreneurs! I've had a few business ideas myself but am never sure if they're good enough to "make" it. I recently read a book titled "HOT or NOT: How to Know if Your Business Idea Will Fly or Fail", and it helped me pin point the areas of weakness in my idea so I could work on them before trying to find investors. If any of you other aspiring entrepreneurs out there would like some help, I'd definitely recommend checking this book out!

Unknown said...

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