Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Turning 30 with Cupcakes

Next week I turn...................30! I can barely say it.

I'm scared. Scared of being considered old. Scared of being a new mom. Scared of not knowing how we will survive without me working anymore. It's all 30's fault.

All I can hope is that my birthday is filled with lots of cupcakes and sweets.

And my favorite...


Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

I'm there with ya. 36 on Monday. I was 29 1/2 when I had my son. I'm inching closer to 40 now...feel sorry for me, youngin'

Tanner's Mom said...

Awe, I've LOVED my 30's! I'll be 39 in January and can hardly believe I'll be 40 soon! Enjoy every minute gilie! 30 rocks!

Camilla said...

30 is nothing to be afraid of! embrace it. you're going to show the rest of the world how amazing 30 can be!

Casey said...

Haven't you heard about being environmentally friendly, just recycle your 20s. :) That's what I plan to do when I turn 30 in March. I have 3 kids so I already feel old. You'll be a great Mom and that kid will LOVE cupcakes.

Joni said...

How can you be 30? I'm in my 30s! :)

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