Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Harry Potter Cupcakes for Harry Potter Geeks Like Me

I'm not going to lie. I'm actually proud of the fact that I love Harry Potter. Whenever I got my hands on one of the new books, I couldn't put it down for a week.

Of course I am super excited for the final movie to come out this week. I'm not crazy enough to see the midnight showing (I'm pregnant and I get tired super early), but I plan on seeing it soon. What better way to celebrate the final movie then with special Harry Potter cupcakes.

Butterbeer Cupcakes from Birmingham Patch (recipe included)

Harry Potter themed cupcakes from Beantown Baker

Golden Snitch Cake Pops from Beantown Baker


Wendy Paul said...

Hey congrats! I remember the whole being tired thing. And, I made a Harry Potter Cupcake-I'm posting it this weekend! How great!

Nicolas said...

You are not geek because of liking HP! I love your ideas, they are fantastic!
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Cupcake Activist said...

Wendy- can't wait to see your post.

Nicolas- glad I'm not the only HP geek.


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