Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New York City -- Here I Come!

You guessed it. I'm going to New York City! Can you believe this is my first time visiting NYC? I know, crazy.

So I need your help. I will be in NYC for six days and of course there are a ton of things I want to do and see. Help me organize my chaos! Where are the best places to eat? What touristy places must I visit? And most importantly....WHAT CUPCAKE SHOPS DO I NEED TO VISIT?! Suggestions please. Go.


Stephanie said...

Sweet Revenge is a must!

Sarah said...

Get a Toasted Marshmallow Gelato Shake from Stand near Union Square - O. m. g.

Unknown said...

Norma's (for Breakfast)
Max Brenner
Donut Plant
Pomme Frites (Belgian french fries)

Joni said...

Serendipity's for frozen hot chocolate!

Anonymous said...

LuLu's Cake Boutique
Billy's Bakery

Ryan's Baking Blog said...

sugar sweet sunshine & doughnut plant

Manu said...

I live in Brazil and loved my trip to NY! Chealsea Market is the better place for a gourmet visit! And Eleni's (inside the market) is the better shop for cookies and cupcakes!
Enjoy your trip!!! said...

ah..lucky girl. We are going in September for my birthday!! Being married to a New Yorker has it's perks!

One thing I would suggest so you can see everything is take one of the double decker busses one day. You can get on /off all over the place You get off..then another bus comes along and you get on. Great way to see all the tourist attractions.

Empire State Building is a must, to view the city from above!

Eateries, cupcakeries...see those listed above. so much good food..
noise, taxi's.. LOVE TO VISIT IT & then come back home.

have fun!!

Camilla said...

take a trip to carlo's bakery in new jersey!

The Mad Hausfrau said...

Eataly. Definitely.

jenn from midlife modern said...

I second Doughnut Plant and Sugar Sweet Sunshine. I also recommend hitting Chelsea Market as there are several bakeries and a tremendous gelato shop called L'Arte Del Gelato. But really, just walk around, explore, and duck into places...that's what I do every weekend living here!

Anonymous said...

Ah, NYC. I was there a couple months ago. How I miss that place.

Definitely don't skip all the essential tourist stuff. Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, 5th Avenue, the whole deal!

As for food...

Jacques Torres for the Wicked Hot Chocolate!

FOOD TRUCKS! The best ones are in NYC!

Baked by Melissa (a cupcake shop) is pretty scrumptious as well. They have multiple locations throughout NYC. Okay, it's REALLY GOOD, not just pretty scrumptious.

Also, PLEASE CHECK OUT THE NEW SPRINKLES CUPCAKES LOCATION IN NYC! It's two stories and apparently really cool! I can't wait to see it myself once I visit New York again :)

There are so many delicious places in New York, no one can list them all. Ask the locals for recommendations if you can - they know!

Have fun!

Mrs.S said...

Hi! Here is a little site of all the places I ate at on my recent trips to NY!

For cupcakes, Magnolia is a MUST! Go to the one in the Village ( it's cuter and the one in Midtown is nuts)!

And if you love all desserts, definitely go to Rocco's on Bleecker... Have a cannoli for me! :)


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