Thursday, February 10, 2011

LA Cupcake Challenge 2011: The Competitors, Part Three

The cupcakes from the LA Cupcake Challenge continue...

Stephanie Sparkles
Twitter: @s_sparkles
Facebook: Stephanie Sparkles
Catering company in Venice, CA

29: Acai Jungleberry Bliss
Definitely one of the prettiest cupcakes at the event. The flowers on these cupcakes were edible, although I wouldn't advise eating them.

30: Sweet Picnic Chevre
A fig cupcake topped with goat cheese and a sliced pear. I like the flavor idea, but it just didn't work for me.

Sweet E's Bake Shop
Twitter: @SweetEsBakeShop
Facebook: Sweet E's
Los Angeles, CA

13: Pink Velvet
Nice to see a strawberry twist on a red velvet.

33: Sparkling Strawberry Champagne
More strawberry. Would have liked to see a completely different flavor.

Friandise Pastries
Twitter: @friandisepastry
Facebook: Friandise Pastries
Los Angeles, CA

20: Candied Sweet Potato
This cupcake won 2nd overall and was one of my top picks for the events. Sweet potato cupcake with marshmallow topping and a piece of candied bacon. The sweet and salty combo was perfect.

05: Abuelita's Chocolate Cupcake
Had a hint of Mexican chocolate. Wish it had a little more.

Frosting Forever
Flickr: Frosting Forever

06: Chocolate
I must have missed this cupcake.

21: Churro Dulce de Leche
I like the flavor idea, but the execution didn't work for me.

Cake Pop LA
Etsy: Cake Pop LA
Los Angeles, CA

03: Red Velvet
I love cake pops, but I don't know if I would consider them a cupcake. These cake pops were excellent though.

17: Peanut Butter Cup
Yum! Peanut butter and chocolate are so perfect together!

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