Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cyclists Hand out Cupcakes

Cycling and cupcakes....that's definitely me.

So of course I stopped when I saw this story about cyclists handing out cupcakes on Party Cupcake Ideas blog. The post references an article from the Guelph Mercury newspaper. (FYI - Guelph is in Canada. I had to look it up.)

The city of Guelph recently added bike lanes that run the entire length of the city. To raise awareness of these new bike lanes and to show citizens that bicyclists "aren't to be feared," a few bike enthusiasts handed out cupcakes to motorists who stopped at the intersection. What a great idea!

Motorists and cyclists sometimes have a bad relationship, usually based on a negative experience from the past. Hopefully this will help bring a positive light to cyclists and raise awareness of bicycle transportation.

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