Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cupcake Camp IE: The Winners

I gave an event summary and you met the judges, but I'm sure you're more excited to see the winners of the cupcake competition!

Professional Competition

Best Pink Ribbon/Breast Cancer Themed Cupcake
Ah How Sweet/Loriann Serna: Save Second Base

Most Unique Ingredient
Truly Madly Sweetly/Cathryn Howard: Creamy Dreamsicle

Tastiest Cupcake of Cupcake Camp Inland Empire
The Cake Mamas/Janelle Copeland & Fabiola Gomez: Autumn Apple

Amateur Competition

Best Pink Ribbon/Breast Cancer Themed Cupcake
Desiree Massei: Pink Velvet Cupcakes

Most Unique Ingredient

Sue Ann Molina: Ube and Macapuno Cupcake

Tastiest Cupcake of Cupcake Camp Inland Empire

Stephanie Starbuck: Chocolate Cupcake w/Chambord Buttercream

Cupcake Activist's Pick for Best Cupcakes
Truly Madly Sweetly

My thoughts: I was very surprised at how many delicious cupcakes were entered in the competition. There always seems to be one or two yucky ones that sneak in, but this time I had a hard time not eating the whole cupcake! Congrats Inland Empire!

Before the competition started, I had a chance to walk around the room and view all of the booths. One booth really stuck out in my mind, not because of the display or fancy decorations, but because I somehow knew these cupcakes were going to be good. The cupcake shop is called Truly Madly Sweetly. Before I went home I was able to sample five different flavors of their cupcakes and I fell in love! The biggest winner of the event (to me) was Truly Madly Sweetly. Although their store is in Murrieta, I want to visit it soon so I can share their cupcake goodness with others!

My pick for first runner-up was
The Cake Mamas. Their Autmun Apple cupcake was awesome, especially the brown sugar frosting. They recently opened a shop in Glendora. I hope to visit their shop soon too.


Loriann Valencia-Serna said...

This is Loriann with Ah, How Sweet! Thank you for such a great post. This was a wonderful event and both Jac's Cakes and I were so glad to be part of it and winning was just the "icing on the cake"!

Cupcake Crazy Gem said...

Oh poor you Elise! I'm afraid America has been conning you all this time into believing they had tasty chocolate when really Europe is hiding some of the best chocolate you will taste! We have some delish choc in England for sure but it's also nothing compared to some of the delights you can find in Belgian, Denmark, Switzerland and beyond! One day when we move ourselves back to England I am defo sending you a package of European chocolate because you are missing out!!
The Cupcake Camp looked so fun! London had their first cupcake camp last month, I can't believe they had to do it after I had left the country! Maybe I should set up a Caribbean cupcake camp! haha

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