Monday, September 13, 2010

Coca-Cola: Tastes of the World

Last weekend we hung out in Las Vegas, killing some time as we waited for traffic to die down. Since my husband and I had our two nieces with us, we wanted to do something that they would enjoy too. Thank goodness we came across M&M's World and the Coca-Cola Store.

Both stores mainly consisted of M&M's and Coca-Cola products for sale. But surprisingly, the most exciting part of the whole weekend was found in the Coca-Cola store drink bar.

For just $7, you get 16 cups of 16 flavors of beverages that Coca-Cola sells around the world. These are flavors that are not available in the United States.

We decided to make a taste-testing game out of the drinks. Each of the four of us would take a sip and then rate the drink (0-10 scale) based on taste. We didn't look at the flavors beforehand so we could be completely surprised.

Most of the drinks were carbonated, but there were a few that were juices. Some of the flavors resembled ones that we have here, but others were completely foreign. Sunfill Mint from India tasted just like mouthwash. Vegitabeta from Japan was simliar to V-8 splash juice. Inca Cola from Peru tasted like bubblegum. It was one of our favorites.

Our least favorite was a drink called Beverly and it was from Italy. Although we tried to keep a straight face after tasting each drink, we all made the same disgusted face after trying Beverly. It earned a total score of 1 (out of 40). I read a few other reviews on Yelp and here are a few of my favorite comments about Beverly:

"The Beverly tasted like socks."
"I think a part of me died when I drank this..."
"...tastes like battery acid."
"I imagine it is what panic tastes like."

Out top three drinks were as follows:

3rd place (30 points)- Inca Cola from Peru

2nd place (31 points) - Smart Watermelon from China

And our winner, with 35 points was - Bibo Pine Nut from South Africa.
Although it sounds like the drink might taste like pine nuts, it was actually a pineapple coconut beverage. It was delicious!

Totally worth the money and I would definitely do it again. They also have a sample tray of eight kinds of Coke floats. Might be worth trying next time.

The Coca-Cola Store
3785 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109


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