Thursday, August 26, 2010

"How Pupcakes Are Made" Art

"Cups, pups and frosting! You really can't get much sweeter than this! Featuring the whimsical and humorous art of She's SO Creative, 'How PupCakes Are Made' art print is perfect for dog lovers, cupcake lovers, bakers, and everyone in between!"

Love this card from Stephanie Orma, She's So Creative. Available for purchase on etsy.

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Sarah said...

We went to a cupcake art exhibit in Berkeley once, it was really neat and I think you would have loved it. The walls of the space were cover in multi-color doilies making cool patterns on the walls. Also all the paintings, and sculptures where cupcake inspired. This was a few years ago when we were living there. It was pretty amazing. I love cupcake art!


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