Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Featured: American Cupcake

I found out about American Cupcake through a fellow runner's blog. She was in San Francisco to run a half marathon, heard about American Cupcake, and had to go there. Sounds just like me!

American Cupcake is a shop/restaurant/bar that pairs cupcakes with wine. But that's not all they sell. They have six menus:

Savory Suite: Nachos, mac & cheese, popcorn...oh my!

Sweet Menu: Cupcakes ($3), cotton candy, fried oreos, red velvet bread pudding.

PBJ Menu: Just a menu for peanut butter and jelly?! Wow.

Beer and Wine

Candy Cocktails: Fun names such as the drunken ballerina, the hot guy, and the sunburned.

Cupcake Flights and Pairings: The cupcake flights ($16) come with three mini cupcakes and three tastes of wine.

American Cupcake sounds like a pretty cool restaurant that fits the San Francisco scene well. Since I haven't been here, I checked in with the reviewers at Yelp to see their comments. They said exactly what I thought, American Cupcake has a great idea, but the cupcakes could use some help. And with so many great cupcake shops in San Francisco, they will have to fight for their cupcake rights. I'm still willing to give them a try the next time I'm in town.

American Cupcake
1919 Union Street
San Francisco, CA 94123


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