Wednesday, February 3, 2010

LOST Cupcakes from Two Parts Sugar

Kelly from Just Spotted and According to Kelly invited my husband and I over for a LOST party last night. I'm glad that we have friends that are as obsessed with LOST as we are.

Kelly sure knows how to throw a party! Check out the Dharma Intiative food that she provided. Love it!

But even better than the Dharma food were the LOST cupcakes from Two Parts Sugar. I had to restrain myself from eating one until LOST officially started at 9:00pm. But after eating one, I didn't want to stop there!

These cupcakes were Two Parts Sugar's famous raspberry red velvet. Now I remember why Two Parts Sugar won second place in the LA Cupcake Challenge last year. Yum!


Stephanie said...

soo cute! I love the liners used on the cupcakes!

twopartssugar said...

You are too "sweet" as always! Thanks for the post!


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