Monday, February 1, 2010

Edible Decals for sale

Thanks to Springwise, I discovered a company that sells edible decals. Ticing's edible decals from are the easiest way to transform your cupcakes from blah to something people will be talking about.

"Ticings are thin sheets of edible icing in full sheets or rounds (similar to stickers), printed with our unique contempory designs and phrases. Ticings apply quickly and easily to your soft frosted cupcakes...they are FDA and kosher approved and gluten-free." (Ticings)

Ticings come in three sizes:
  • sheet of one dozen 2-1/2" rounds for standard cupcakes or cookies
  • sheet of 35 1-1/4" rounds for mini cupcakes or small cookies
  • full sheet to use on layer and sheet cakes

The average cost for a sheet of Ticings is about $15.95 (which will be enough for a dozen standard-size cupcakes). I love the idea, but depending on the event, the price could be a little steep. It's nice to know that it's an option.

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