Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Featured: Butch Bakery

I've decided to add a new feature to my blog. A few times a month I will be featuring a cupcake shop from around the world. This will give me a chance to showcase cupcake shops that I haven't been to, but would like to visit.

First up...Butch Bakery. Just the sound of this company is awesome.

Butch Bakery is different than any other cupcake bakery I've seen, as it caters to men. How do they cater to men? Well, they give their cupcakes manly names and add alcohol to most of their cupcakes.

Some of their flavors include:

Rum & Coke: rum-soaked madagascar vanilla cake with cola bavarian cream filling

Beer Run: chocolate and beer-infused cake with beer buttercream, topped with crushed pretzels.

Driller: maple cake with milk chocolate ganache and bacon bits

B-52: Kahula-soaked madagascar vanilla cake with Baileys bavarian filling

According to their website, "Butch Bakery has born when David Arrick felt it was time to combine a masculine aesthetic to a traditionally cute product--the cupcake." I like the idea of appealing to men. Hopefully this concept will allow Butch Bakery to differentiate enough from the hundreds of other cupcake companies/shops in New York.

Butch Bakery is a made-to-order cupcake company, with no shop as of yet. They deliver to greater Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn, New York. You can order from four different sample boxes, which range from $16 (4 cupcakes) to $48 (12 cupcakes).

Butch Bakery

P.S. Thanks to Party Cupcake Ideas for the lead on Butch Bakery.

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