Friday, November 20, 2009

Love At First Bite Cupcake

I may have just turned 28 yesterday, and I may be more than double the average age of most fans, but I am a huge Twilight fan! And I am so excited to see New Moon this weekend! Talk about a great birthday present!

Crumbs Bake Shop has a special cupcake in honor of the release of New Moon. The "Love At First Bite" cupcake is a chocolate cupcake with cherry pie filling and vanilla cream cheese frosting. The cupcake is topped with wax fangs and bat sprinkles. The cupcake is $4.50 and available at Crumbs stores.

Team Edward!

Also, last chance to win my giveaway for the Cupcake Tower. Contest ends at 11:59pm PST tonight!


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said... yum! Oh, and I saw the tweet yesterday...congrats on your triathalon!!

Kristin Sokol said...

Team Jacob.

Robin said...

Where are the Jacob cupcakes? Come on now, if you've seen New Moon, you know the Jake Cake is bound to taste richer and fuller than any Edwardy skinny cake could.

Kristina said...

haha to robin's comment and very true!

Cupcake Activist said...

After seeing the movie, I would like to change my vote to TEAM JACOB, except that I already know what's going to happen. Sigh.

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