Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Apple Pie Cupcakes

I've been raving about pumpkin cupcakes and desserts for over a month. Pumpkin is just the perfect ingredient for autumn desserts. But I don't want to leave out an equally important autumn ingredient: apple. Because what is Thanksgiving without pumpkin and apple pie?

Photo: kellycakes

These mini apple pie cupcakes from flickr user kellycakes are so adorable! Once you break it down, I bet these aren't too hard to make. The caption says: "Golden butter cupcakes with apple pie filling mixed in the batter, topped with Dutch apple jam and cinnamon vanilla buttercream." Yum! You could even add a dollop of whipped cream on top.
If you prefer pumpkin, check out these mini pumpkin pie cupcakes from Cupcakes a Go-Go that I posted about earlier this month.


Kiki said...

Those are so gorgeous! I love the little lattice crust on top. Thanks for sharing!

Genevieve said...

This is so cute! And, the icing work would be super simple to do at home!


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