Friday, September 11, 2009

Cupcakes at the Orange International Street Fair

I love to eat! It's not a secret. So the Orange International Street Fair is one of my favorite weekends of the entire year. Imagine the Orange County Fair without the rides, games, and exhibits. All that's left is food. Food, glorious food!

Cupcakes only make it that much better! While many of the stores in the Orange Circle are closed during the street fair, The Perfect Circle Cupcakery was open and selling their Babycakes.

I stopped by on Saturday afternoon to pick up a few Babycakes. I chose Red Velvet (because I already knew it would be great) and Cookies & Cream (a new flavor for me). Both were delicious! The cream cheese frosting on the Red Velvet is one of my favorite cream cheese frostings I have ever eaten. I love having a local cupcakery!


LaVonne said...

Elise, I had my first ever Sprinkles cupcake yesterday. Nearest Sprinkles is in Scottsdale, was on the other side of town. My sister was in the area & after hearing about your blog from me she made a special trip to Sprinkles just for me. I just have one word to say "heaven". I wish she had bought me a dozen. Rachel, my sister-in-law had the Banana cupcake. She said it wasn't good. What other flavors are good? I'm going back one day next week.

Cupcake Activist said...


I'm so happy to hear that you got to try your first Sprinkles cupcake! I remember eating my first Sprinkles cupcake (red velvet) and it was so delicious! My favorite flavors are red velvet, chocolate coconut, pumpkin, milk chocolate, and the banana one (with chocolate frosting, not vanilla). There are a few flavors that I haven't tried yet. Several people have told me that strawberry is really good too. Let me know which flavors you try next!


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