Thursday, August 27, 2009

What do I know about Vegan Cupcakes?

I would assume vegan cupcakes don't taste good ONLY because there would be more of them if they did, right? Would you be surprised to learn that these are vegan cupcakes? Well, these cupcakes look delicious, so maybe I'm wrong. These cupcakes were created by vegan cupcake caterer, Janet Hudson.

She "veganizes" her cupcakes by substituting soy and nut milks for whole milk, nut kremes for whipped toppings, and ground flax seed mixed with flour, water, and oil for eggs. Sounds like a lot of work, but she said it's not difficult after you learn what to use. You can view her website to learn more about her vegan foods.

I won't judge vegan cupcakes until I try one. What is everyone else's experiences with vegan desserts and cupcakes?

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Becky said...

i'm not a vegan, but i have LOVED the vegan cupcakes i've tried.

i like babycakes in nyc.

and utah has a gourmet vegan cupcakery in bountiful called Cakewalk Baking Company and they are sooo good!

i have yet to try making them...though I do own Babycakes NYC cookbook. :)


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