Thursday, July 2, 2009

Eclipse Chocolat Cupcake Extravaganza

I have not been to Eclipse Chocolat in San Diego yet, but after reading about their second annual Cupcake Extravaganza happening this weekend, I think I want to stop by soon!

At first glance I noticed that these cupcakes look different. In an interview with Cupcakes Take the Cake last year Will, the owner, explained why. He said,
As a chocolatier, baking cupcakes didn’t really make much sense to me…so it wasn’t until I started treating them like truffles (each with a filling, ganache glaze, and unique topping) that they really came together conceptually.
I like the sound of that!

So here are the details about the second annual Cupcake Extravanganza. It is happening this weekend (July 3-5) and they will be selling 28 flavors of cupcakes (normally they sell 6 of their 16 flavors daily). During this event they will sell their cupcakes at Buy Two Get One Free! Also, their boxes of cupcakes will be on sale. Instead of $27 for a box of nine, the box will sell for $20.

The big clencher is the Eclipse Chocolat VIP Pass. I want this! The Eclipse VIP Pass grants the holder a free box of nine cupcakes every week for two months! Fantastic! The store will be raffling off two of the VIP Passes and two of the VIP Passes will be hidden in cupcake liners (think Willy Wonka)

Need more info? Check out their blog. And check out the flavors they are offering. Not your normal vanilla or chocolate cupcake!

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