Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

I know it may not seem possible (because of my light skin, blonde hair, and green eyes), but I am 1/4 Mexican. So today should be a day to celebrate my Mexican heritage. Unfortunately, I was not raised that way. I can't even roll my "R's" when I attempt to speak Spanish. --Sigh-- To redeem myself, I must admit that Mexican food is my favorite type of food. It's the saltiness that does it for me.

Anyways, let's celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a few holiday cupcakes. First, let's talk about Sprinkles. They have a special cupcake for every holiday during the year. For Cinco de Mayo they have a Choco Loco Cupcake. It is a Belgian dark chocolate cupcake with a bittersweet chocolate and Mexican cinnmaon frosting. I have yet to try a Mexican-themed cupcake. Maybe I will be so lucky tonight!

I found a recipe for Mexican Hot Chocolate Cupcakes on Cupcake Rehab's website. The recipe is for cinnamon vanilla cupcakes and Mexican hot chocolate buttercream frosting. So many people have raved about Mexican cupcakes, but I am a little hesitant of the chili powder and cayenne powder. I guess I shouldn't judge before I try. Green eggs and ham, right? Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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