Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More Cupcakes Coming to Orange County

Remember that episode of Seinfeld where Elaine's former boss decides to open a muffin shop called "Top of the Muffin To You?" Well, Divine Desserts, which opened today in Laguna Niguel, is expanding on that idea.

Thanks to a tip from the Fast Food Maven, I browsed Divine Desserts website to find that, not only will they be selling muffin tops, but cupcakes and cookies are in the mix too!

Cupcakes and muffin tops will be sold for $3 each and the cookies are $1.50. Divine Desserts is located at the Plaza de la Paz Center in Lagune Niguel. Today they are handing out free cupcakes. If only I lived closer....

Let me know if you try them out and hopefully I will get a chance to visit soon!


Kristin said...

that episode was just on! how funny! :D

Ashleigh said...

Just visited Divine Desserts, Etc and I was pleasantly surprised at how yummy the cupcakes were ... I tried the Carrot w/ cream cheese frosting. It was a simple cake w/ just carrots no extras (like raisins or nuts) and the frosting was perfect combo of the sweet and tangy flavor of cream cheese. I also tried the Chocolate Cake with the Chocolate Buttercream. It would please any chocolate lover. I am generally a Sprinkles snob b/c I feel they do an outstanding job from the whole bakery experience through the presentation and most importantly the quality and taste of the cupcakes. Divine Desserts does a great job as well. The cupcakes are bigger than Sprinkles, but smaller than Crumbs. The storefront is neighborhood friendly and the inside has a similar feel of Sprinkles, with the one case and rows of different flavors of cupcakes. The only thing that it seemed to lack was a brand personality, but hopefully that will develop over time and it be as successful as the famous Sprinkles and Magnolia bakeries. As a side note, the best days to visit are Friday, Saturday and Sunday as they generally have all flavors available. Enjoy.
-Closet Cupcake Critic

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