Monday, December 22, 2008

On the 3rd Day before Christmas, I went to SPRINKLES CUPCAKES

You want a great cupcake? Go to Sprinkles Cupcakes! They are one of my favorite cupcake shops of all time. Actually, my first visit to a cupcake shop was Sprinkles. They helped inspire me to start this cupcake blog.

You can almost never go wrong with a flavor pick at Sprinkles. I have yet to try one I didn't like. They also have a good cake-to-frosting ratio. It's no wonder they are such a popular place.

One thing I really like about Sprinkles is their holiday flavors. For almost every holiday in the year, they sell one or more special cupcakes. For the fall season, they were selling Ginger Maple and Orange Cranberry, along with a few other special flavors. They are not disappointing for the Christmas season. Right now you can get the Chocolate Peppermint, Vanilla Peppermint, Coconut Peppermint, and Eggnog Spice.

Sprinkles Cupcakes is located in Newport Beach, near Fashion Island. They are open until 7:00pm Monday-Saturday and until 6:00pm on Sunday. Their cupcakes sell for $3.25, which is a bargain considering how great they taste! Check them out and see why they are one of my favorites!


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