Tuesday, December 23, 2008

On the 2nd Day before Christmas, I thought about WHERE ELSE TO GET CUPCAKES

Orange County is a special place! I was born and raised here and I love it. It seems to have everything, including a plethora of places to find cupcakes. Since I only had 12 days to write about some of the places, here are a couple that I didn't get a chance to mention:

Rockwells Bakery - I will be reviewing this place soon, as I have yet to try a cupcake from there. They are located in Villa Park. They are famous for their cakes, which I have eaten on several occasions (not whole cakes of course, but parts of them).

Wonderland Bakery - My friend brought me a red velvet from Wonderland a few months ago, but I have never been to their store. The cupcake was ok, the frosting was too sugary for me. I guess I need to take a trip there to see what else they offer. They are located in Newport Beach, right off the 73.

Zov's Cafe Bakery - Zov's has two locations, one in Newport and one in Tustin. I hear they have the priciest cupcakes in Orange County, at a price of almost $4 for each one! I need to see if they are worth that kind of money. Look for a review of them soon.

Beverly's Best Bakery - Beverly's is also a great place to go for specialty cakes (I got my wedding cake from here). They are located in Brea, off Brea Blvd. Their cupcakes are the economical kind, cheaper ($1.25 each) and not as tasty. But if you are looking for a good cupcake for the money, this is the place to go.

Although my list of the 12 Days of Cupcakes in Orange County was not in any particular order, I saved my favorite for last. Check back tomorrow to see the surprising number one cupcakery on my list!

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