Wednesday, October 8, 2008

One Big Cupcake

Last week was my sister's 11th birthday. She requested that I make the same cupcakes that I made for Skyler's birthday a few months. But instead of using a devil's food cake mix I used a yellow cake mix. (Side note: I liked the devil's food cake better with this cupcake.)
I also tried something new. I used my big cupcake tray for the first time! Interestingly, the cake mix only made 9 cupcakes as opposed to the normal 24 cupcakes. To compensate for being a larger cupcake, I had to pile on more frosting. No problem there! These cupcakes were a hit at the party. I can't reiterate enough how delicious chocolate and peanut butter are together.

I haven't decided if I like eating bigger cupcakes better. There has to be a lot of frosting on top for the cake/frosting ratio to be correct. Also, would my satisfaction be better if I ate two normal cupcakes instead of one large one? This is definitely something I need to think carefully about!

1 comment:

Vanessa said...

wish i was not on a diet lol


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