Monday, September 29, 2008

Jumping on the Bandwagon

I got a tip from my sister that Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory was selling cupcakes. Rocky Mountain is one of my favorite places for an indulgent dessert (try the Avalanche Bar!). I was not too surprised to hear this, as cupcakes are definitely the hot trend right now. Stores are adding them to the menu without a second thought. That might actually be a bad move. How great are these cupcakes going to be? Well, the other night I was near the store she visited so I stopped to check them out.Well, they definitely were not gourmet nor were they presented very nicely. But I guess that is why the $1.50 price tag accompanied these cupcakes. My sister said when she stopped in the other night she saw the cupcakes sitting on a counter, directly next to a jar of Pillsbury Chocolate frosting. You would think that a chocolate store would use something special for "their" cupcakes, but it looks like they just wanted to fit in with everyone else.

I didn't buy a cupcake because of my triathlon diet (thank goodness it's over!), but I will try one the next time I am there. I am also curious to see if cupcakes are being sold in all of their stores or just this specific one.


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