Sunday, August 31, 2008

Preview: The Perfect Circle

Imagine how excited I was when I was walking around the Orange Street Fair and stumbled across some cupcakes! They weren't just any cupcakes, they were cupcakes from The Perfect Circle, the future cupcakery in the Orange Circle. I had noticed some progress when I walked by their store a few weeks ago, but I definitely didn't expect them to be selling cupcakes any time soon!
Their store isn't open for business yet, but they were selling mini cupcakes (for $1 each) as a preview of what's to come. The first time we stopped by we tried the Vanilla Bean and the Chocolate Coconut.
Vanilla Bean: I am not much of a plain vanilla person, but I figured that I better try each flavor for research purposes (although it's not too hard to get me to eat any cupcake). The cake was very moist and the frosting was amazing! The vanilla bean frosting tasted just like vanilla bean ice cream.

Chocolate Coconut: This was my favorite cupcake of the day! I didn't realize how much I love coconut cupcakes. The combination of moist chocolate cake and creamy vanilla frosting with coconut sprinkled on top was incredible!

We stopped by again about an hour later because I was told that there would be red velvets coming out of the oven. Sure enough, there was a crowd waiting for the anticipated red velvets.

Red Velvet is probably my favorite flavor of cupcake so I am very critical of them. And I was not disappointed! The cake was a tad (a very small tad) dry, but it was still very good. I hate to say anything bad about it but it was the only thing I could find wrong with it. The frosting was my favorite part. It had a very strong cream cheese taste which I wouldn't expect to enjoy as much as normal sugary frosting. I don't think I have had a better cream cheese frosting before!
I talked to the lady selling the cupcakes and she informed me that their store will be opening in October. The baker is perfecting her recipes. I am ok waiting a little longer if that means that I will be eating great cupcakes instead of mediocre ones. I got a copy of their menu and some of the flavors we have to look forward to are Pumpkin, Snickdoodle, Chocolate Malt, Raspberry Lemonade, and Nutter Butter.

The Perfect Circle Cupcakery is located at 165 N. Glassell in the Orange Circle.


Unknown said...

i missed free cupcakes... bummer :(

Heather McLemore said...

The Perfect Circle is having its grand opening feb 1st... they are open now... but not "officialy" its my new FAVORITE SPOT!!! :)

CynHunt said...

The Perfect Circle is wonderful! I really do not care for the cupcakes at Sprinkles (teeth aching sweet) or Wonderland Bakery (again so sweet there is no real flavor, just to mention a couple) but we were so happy when The Perfect Circle opened and we sampled their cakes.
We are going to order a cupcake tower for a baby shower we are holding in May.
A wonderful place!

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