Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cupcakes on the East Coast

I keep hearing about all of the wonderful cupcake stores on the east coast. I dream of traveling there to visit as many stores as I want. It is a fantasy, but for now I will focus on finding the good cupcake bakeries here!

My cousin Laura lives in New Hampshire. She is getting married to her fiance Matt at the end of this month. Congratulations to them! I have never been to the east coast, but she is my CCA street team member for the other side of the country. I recently received the following email from her:

Matt and I were in Boston for the 4th of July visiting Kristin my old roomie and we were walking down Newbury Street and I saw a sign Johnny Cupcakes and I don't think I have to mention how excited we got. However when we went into the store we didn't find cupcakes, it was a store that had shirts etc. but to tease us they were displayed in glass cases like you would find in a bakery. Well, needless to say we were a little disappointed, and all we had on our mind was cupcakes.

We headed to the North End, which is famous for it's sweets so we figured it was our best hope...even if we didn't find cupcakes we would be able to get something yummy. We found Lulu's Bake Shoppe! There was a decent selection of cupcakes, but we went for S'more, Oreo, and chocolate, all with buttercream frosting. They were all delicious, and the cake part wasn't dry, the frosting was a little sweet, but still very yummy.
These cupcakes look yummy! If I am ever in Boston, I know where to go. Thanks, Laura!


EvaMarieva said...

Elise-I will be in boston in 1 week-want em to bring you back a cupcake if I can squeeze it in?

EvaMarieva said...

I found out the bakery is 2 blocks from my corporate office. I will be making a stop there!


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