Thursday, July 17, 2008

Boston Cream Pie Minis

My sister recently sent me a recipe for some cupcakes called Boston Cream Pie Minis. They sounded delicious, but I haven't found the time to bake them yet! This week I had the privilege of trying them as she made them to celebrate my brother returning home.
She cut the yellow cake cupcakes in half horizontally and put filling between the two halves. The filling was made out of Jello Vanilla Instant Pudding. The topping was a mixture of Cool Whip and semi-sweet baker's chocolate. Of course I am always nervous when Cool Whip is involved (bleh!), but they were exactly how I thought they would taste...delicious! (I didn't even remember that there was Cool Whip involved until I read the recipe today, so it wasn't even an issue.) They were light so I didn't feel bad for eating one three days before my next triathlon. Thanks, Robin!


Kristin said...

i just made something similar. mine were a yellow cake recipe from MS Baking, pastry creme and dark chocolate ganache topping. very good but i should have put more pastry creme inside.

AngelaHolt said...

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