Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cookie Cups

Here is a quick dessert idea, with little prep needed.

We were getting ready to leave for a friend's birthday party on Sunday when I remembered that we were supposed to bring something to share. I always bring desserts when given the choice. We had little time before the party started so I started scrounging around the kitchen. I opened the freezer and found a frozen package of Nestle Toll House Ultimate Lovers Chocolate Chip cookie dough. Bingo! Leftover vanilla frosting! Bingo! I had an idea!
Recently I bought a baking tray for mini cupcakes. I cut the cookies in half (still frozen) and put them in the mini cupcake tray. Baked for normal time. The center of the cookies look like they are sinking in the middle. That is supposed to happen.
After cooling for a few minutes I spread vanilla frosting in the middle and on top of the "cookie cups." Since the center of the cookies are sunken, this gives the advantage of being able to add more frosting.
I originally got this idea from a Mrs. Field's store at the mall. My husband loves them! Even though these are not cupcakes, they look fairly similar. They were a hit and were gone within 10 minutes of arriving! The total bake and prep time was less than 25 minutes (18 of those minutes were for baking).

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